Hopefully we can answer some of your FAQ

From "Seinfeld" to "Wives-Tales" and beyond here we go.....

Q: When will my clothes be ready?

A: At our Gainesville store, usually next day even though same day is available upon your request . In the High Springs location, 2 days (Sat-Wed) next day (Thurs-Fri) Same day on Friday before 8:00am.

Q: Can you get my stain out?

A:  We are fully trained in the latest of industry standards on spotting. We are very good at spot removal. We put the upmost care in removing your spot or stain. If we think it will pull color, we will consult with you before proceeding.  Not all stains can be removed.  CONSUMER Note: If you mess it up...DON'T put in in the drier. Let it air dry or bring to the cleaners. Sooner the better.

Q: Hey, I got ink on my shirt and someone told me to spray it with hair spray. Now the stain is better, but can you help me get the rest of it out?

A: Maybe, We don't use hair spray to remove your stains and you shouldn't  either! We have very good ink removers and can remove 99.99% of ink streaks and marks that are common in the home or work place. Big stains or blobs of ink that are under the size of a dime can be removed most of the time depending on material, color and ink type.

Q: Will these sequins, flowers, beading, lace, ect..... come off?

A: If your garment is manufactured (not home made) and all the things in question are sewn down, it'll probably be ok. Things that are glued -on run a high risk of coming off and you will need to accept responsibility for the out come. We try to inform you of risk taken before processing. 

Q: What is Dry Cleaning?

A: There are two major types of cleaning processes the market today. The first one being perclorethylene  (perc). Dry Cleaning fluid has been safely used for many years. Sloppy practice in the past has lead to many of today's negative perceptions. Today's regulations, especially the State of Florida, insures the safe use of this product. Nothing on the market today cleans your clothes better. The second Hydrocarbon was the first type "Dry Cleaning" but proved to be extremely flammable and dangerous used under the wrong conditions. Since its conception this method has been made safer to use. Though there have been many products introduced these "New methods" don't clean your clothes very well. California really promoted Green Earth  as the new alternative but it has proved not to be an effective cleaning product and the clothes have to be aggressively ran for long periods time.